Learn The System (And The Science) To The Silly

If you want the freedom to write how you want—and the power to make your copy be the highlight of someone's day—you're in the right place.

In this down n' dirty, 1.5-hour video workshop, I uncover all my favorite secrets to add punch, power, and pop into your everyday writing.

Not the general stuff... This isn't a class about using emojis in subject lines. We're not talking about PAS or landing pages.

This is a collection of copy, comedy, and conversion knowledge nuggets that instructors, comics, and all my favorite writers dropped on the sly.

These are the tidbits they slip between the lessons that really make the difference. The good stuff you can't google.

Now, after two decades of learning, all these brain grenades are packed up and ready to make your writing go boom.

Warning: This workshop doesn't teach you how to write. It teaches you how to write more fun.

Doesn't matter if you're a newbie writer, an A-Lister, or even someone who just writes a little for work... this mini-course is gonna make your personality pop off the page. And it will make people pay attention to you.

Want to let the monster out of the box? Ready to dump a bottle of hot sauce on your keyboard?

Tips, tricks, and over the shoulder writing inside.

Make My Writing More Fun

"Justin takes the mystery out of putting more of your own unique personality into everything you write for your audience. "

“If you’ve ever wondered how to make your emails and other copy addictively entertaining and ultimately more persuasive, you’ll want to learn from the ‘maestro’ himself: Justin Blackman.

Even if you’re a socially introverted shut-in (aren’t we all these days?), Justin takes the mystery out of putting more of your own unique personality into everything you write for your audience.

His Write More Personality-er Workshop takes you by the hand step-by-step with training and tools that will help you inject humor and infotainment effectively into your copy. In no time, you’ll be waving your magic wand and writing emails and other content that will help you stand out and build a following of raving fans!”
--Kim Krause Schwalm, A-List Copywriter and Copy Mentor

Write More Personality-er Workshop

57 ways to add Punch, Power, and Pop to your everyday writing
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The Personality-er Academy

Lifetime Access to Write More Personality-er, plus group feedback & monthly coaching calls. Perfect if you want want more eyes on your copy
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All the people say he's pretty fly for a write guy

When you write for 329+ people, you pick up a quirk or three. When you read damn near everything you can about persuasion, conversion, and creativity—you pick up even more.

Justin Blackman (@PrettyFlyCopy) has a history of going deeper on topics than he ever should. And he finds logic and patterns behind interesting techniques.

This workshop uncovers those findings. Some happen to be funny. 

Oh, and please don't be mad at him for writing this in 3rd person. It was my idea.

The process works. Just ask these guys.

Justin's workshop was fantastic. If you've ever felt like your writing is a little stale, this is the cure. 

It's got tons of simple, easy to implement strategies to punch your writing up and make it more fun and exciting for your readers. It's going to be a required course for all of the writers in my agency to go through, that's for damn sure.
Chris Orzechowski
Write More Personality-er is like getting a master's degree in writing & editing copy with personality…in less time — and as entertaining as — watching a funny movie. 

(It almost feels like you're slacking instead of studying.) There's so many actionable takeaways, I'm excited to write my own copy again. 
Gretchen Oris-Chong
When I finished Justin's workshop, I re-wrote a headline for my website that I'd been tweaking for about a year. 

He not only reinforced some of the techniques I sort of knew, but he introduced me to some new approaches that instantly helped me feel confident about putting more personality into my writing.
Liz Green
This one of those no-brainer courses that you absolutely NEED if you write anything online.

Justin has a knack for making writing for yourself seem easy. He somehow gives you the confidence to see yourself as a badass writer and business owner ... and then write like one too.

If you take this course and practice what he shows you... nobody will ever yawn, get bored to tears, or scroll past something written by you.
Samar Owais
I’ve always wanted to learn how to write with more personality. Most of what I know is through trial and error and the lack of structure usually made me second guess myself. Justin’s course couldn’t come in at a better time! I’m already using his tips in my IG posts 😊. 
Amisha Shrimanker
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